The JudyBats Guitar Archive version of
"The Cachet of Misery" -- Version 0.8 May 1999
Transcribed by Mason Hall
For private use only.


Chords: E A D G B E
     A  X 0 2 2 2 0
   A/E  0 X 2 2 2 0
  A/F#  2 X 2 2 2 0
   A/G  3 X 2 2 2 0
    Bm  X 2 4 4 3 2
     D  X X 0 2 3 2
  Dsus  X X 0 2 3 3
    Em  0 2 2 0 0 0
     G  3 2 0 0 3 3

D - Dsus 

The cachet of misery
You're the bellows, you're the fire, blue and smoldering
Offer up that dark phoenix replete with metaphor
They'll pluck that bird, they'll cook it up, you're sorrow's tasty whore

        Em            Bm
Are you miserable?  
               G           A
Are you demons tangible?
Can we pet them and measure their wings?
       Bm                A
Can we tie them down and question their sincerity?

The cachet of misery
Could you cop that pained expression once again for camera three?
Can you tortured, can you twisted?  Bandages instead of cellophane
Wrap it up and get it out, won't the critics rave about this pain

            Em              Bm
And can you cry on cue?
            G                  A
Do you look good in blue?
Will the people purge to this dirge?
      Bm           A      A/G       A/F# A/E   A   A/G    A/F#     A/E
Will it dilate the public eye, this persecuted melody?

Bm - A - G - D
Bm - A - G - D 
Bm - A - G - D 
Bm - A - G - G 
D - Dsus  x4

The cachet of misery
All flair and dying flame in the arena of luxury

            Em               Bm
"This party is a scene"
                    G               A
He says, "Hey, what did it mean
         Em                  Bm           A        A/G           A/F#
When you smiled just now and said mediocrity loves company
A/E  A         A/G A/F#  A/E     A    A/G    A/F#    A/E        
Misery, life's mediocrity, loves company?"

D - G - D 

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