Native Son

Last line of bridge:
"Nothing, no underwear!"

The Cachet of Misery

Spoken part on F_E demo:

Jeff: "You know what I like about the record is the agony and desperation he feels."

Woman: "He sounds like he's on the verge of committing suicide. It's fabulous."

Jeff: "It's gonna get great phones at CHR."

Ugly on the Outside

"you step up the microphone and lots of fratboys wanna take you home"


Last chorus:
"come on, come on home or I'll come... all over you."

Exit line:
"silly as... the alternative music scene."

She's Sad She Said

"You know the people here all they really wanna do is pick you apart.
Trouble is they can't sing on key.
I love Knoxville, but I've though of giving Todd Steed and Bob McClusky singing lessons.
You know, (something unintelligible)..."


"Gosh we really liked that... drag queen."

"The reporters from the Enquirer came and they sang..."


"her big ol' hair makes me horny and wild"

Last line of break:
"all I want to do is to fuck Natalie-Merchant's-P.C. hair."

Paul: "Yep. Right in the head."

Last chorus:
"mousse it, weave it, I don't care"

Margot Known as Missy

"hey bitch, bake me a cake"

Last Chorus:
"Margot known as Missy
Margot known as Missy
eating that big hairy pussy
where did she, how could she...

la la la la la la la la LA LA LA LA LA LA LA!.............. LAAAAAAAAAAA!"

Animal Farm

"and the pigs and the goats and the chickens!"

"little girl come strip beneath my window"

Misc band input after "and the pigs and the goats":
"and the sheep!"

Is Anything

"what will you when you won't stay with me, lay with me... BLOW ME BABY!"

Wasting Time

"In the candlelight, tonight's atmosphere, you look kinda like a, a porn star, it's true."

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