Animal Farm

Jeff: "I was raised on a farm and really like animals."

Johnny: "Really, really!"

Bad Magic

"For all the girls who wear too much black that come here on Sunday night."

Being Simple

"The biggest problem with depression is people are unable to suppress memories, terrible
memories and that's a little bit what the song is about, not being able to forget certain
terrible things that other people have done to you."

Condo Swimming Pool

"This song is about a little party I went to that got a little out of hand in a swimming pool."


"It's about a girl that's walking down the sidewalk and disappears into a crack
in the sidewalk and all her friends are -- they really liked her and they're really
sorry she's gone."


"a real twenty-something kind of song."

An Intense Beige

"There's alot of people out there -- the only way I know how to describe them is they are
intensely beige. As another friend of mine says, 'passionately generic.' But she didn't
tell me 'til after I finished the lyrics or else I would have put that in there."

Margot Known as Missy

"About a girl I know that moved to New York. It's a friend of mine...
'cause she stayed a friend of mine... because she wasn't very interested in men."

At a later show:
"If you have a problem with lesbians and queers, get the fuck out."

Pain Makes You Beautiful

"The song is kind of a romantic song about S&M from a -- I guess a sadist's point of view.
Existentially I think it works on alot of different other levels, too, you know, about pain.
The Christians have pain brings you closer to God..."

"I don't think I want to reveal who I -- who I enjoyed hurting at one time. Who I wrote that about."


"My best friend in high school is very different from me. Very dark and very short. Never
speaks and says a word. I hadn't seen him in years and I went to Florida and he was working
in the same grocery store he was when we were in high school. He married a girl that used to
ride the bus with us. She was pregnant and lived in a cinder block house. And I often wondered
what went on in his head all the time, so I think this song is kind of me fantasizing about
his life, true or not true."

She's Sad She Said

"You know you go to these fancy cocktail parties and you see these beautiful young women in
these little black dresses, and then you go up and talk to them and you realize that they
are... CRAZY! Very sad. So that's this song."

Sue's Song

"This song is about a girl I used to have a thing for. She doesn't talk to me anymore."

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